The International Journal of Ethnic College Health (IJECH) is a
peer-reviewed, international, scientific, electronic periodical
designed to progress comprehensive disease prevention, health
promotion and risk reduction among diverse ethnic
college/university-attending, emerging adult populations.
Serving as a platform for health researchers and community stakeholders at Minority-Serving Institutions (including
Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges and Universities and Hispanic-Serving Institutions) in the US
and abroad,
IJECH annually offers health promotion strategies which reflect unique social, cultural and environmental
factors under which these institutions and their student populations exist.   

IJECH champions public health ethics principles among professionals and community stakeholders assisting
student populations.

Types of Articles
  • Feature Articles
Feature articles include topic-centered theoretical and scientific original research manuscripts on data collected within
the past five years at MSI colleges/universities.  This section also features health promotion interventions showing
unique potential, positive outcomes and creativity among ethnic college-attending emerging adults.   

  • Rising Stars Spotlight
Rising Stars features biographical sketches and unique accomplishments of health professionals and community
stakeholders committed to progressing health promotion and disease prevention among college-attending emerging
adult populations at MSIs.

  • Perspectives
Perspectives is a forum for opinions on ethical, social, institutional, professional or historical issues affecting
application and implementation of health promotion programming at MSIs.  Also, articles submitted in this category will
focus on maintaining life-work balance, comprehensive wellness and community leadership among health professionals.

  • Building Blocks
Building Blocks provides insights on innovative approaches to technical and operational aspects of health
promotion and disease prevention program design, implementation, service delivery, collaboration, budget
management, staff training/supervision and evaluation at MSIs.

Additional Entries
  • Conferences & Meetings
Promote conferences and meetings that serve as a viable platform for health promotion, information dissemination and

  • Funding & Collaboration Opportunities
Detail current and upcoming opportunities to foster new collaborations in program implementation and community
leadership at MSIs.

Call for Abstracts                                               
IJECH is currently accepting abstracts and Rising Stars nominations.  Complete the IJECH Submission Guidelines to
participate in this ground-breaking publication.  Please note, abstracts and other submissions will only be accepted by
electronic mail at Once submitted, abstracts become the property of the Institute for Successful
Leadership, Inc., and will not be returned.  

IJECH Archives                
Get a sense of the selected content contributing to this publication, and see how far IJECH has grown.  
Inaugural Issue, April 2014
Volume 2, Number 1, January 2015
Volume 3, Number 1, October 2016

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