Tremene Triplett, MA
Director of Communication
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ISL Mission

To utilize multifaceted, ecological, mental, physical, spiritual and ethical approaches to
cultivate improved comprehensive health status in vulnerable populations and not merely the
absence of disease.

ISL accomplishes its mission by developing and implementing research-based, theoretically
sound behavioral and socio-cultural health interventions, and training curricula for diverse
audiences from community laypersons to C-Suite executives to mobilize change on multiple
levels simultaneously.  

Further,  ISL's program evaluations and community mobilization efforts not only chronicle
program performance, and emphasize program impact over time, these services maintain
relationships with communities to sustain change and help build social capital.

International Journal of Ethnic College Health illustrates commitment to progressing
knowledge globally about the complexities of health promotion among emerging adult
populations, encouraging health leadership, supporting innovative research, and
championing public health ethics

Leveraging the power of credentialed professionals in diverse fields, ISL engages
multi-disciplinary approaches continue to shape innovative programs, trainings, evaluations
and publications from inception to completion.


The Institute for Successful Leadership was founded in 1996 by Dorothy Triplett, M.Ed after
an accomplished career at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the
Office of the Director of HIV Prevention.  Committed to the principle that health status of
populations could be impacted by multi-level approaches to address individual behaviors and
socio-environmental determinants, ISL emerged as trend-setters fostering collaborative
partnerships toward shared goals from various community sectors.

Partnering with daughters Tralonda Triplett, PhD, MPH, and Tremene Triplett, MA, the
Triplett family trio has developed and implemented holistic health interventions that address
both individual- and group-level risk factors for more than two decades.  Inclusion of
Lawrance Triplett, BA, AA, offers a new chapter to ISL's legacy.  His innovative approaches
and creativity to improve knowledge and skills of emerging adults on health from numerous
facets will prove invaluable to ISL's mission.

ISL Consultants utilize over 50 years of uniquely combined expertise, experience and
commitment to develop signature approaches to health promotion and disease prevention
programming, training and evaluation strategies that addresses ecological approaches to
address disparities and inequities impacting all populations.  This approach has proven
successful at local, state, national and international levels for improving the qualities of life
and health status of diverse communities across the lifespan.
Dorothy Triplett, M.Ed
Senior Consultant
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Tralonda Triplett, PhD, MPH
Director of Operations
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Lawrance Triplett, BA, AA
Manager of Marketing &
Special Projects
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